Nick asks (responses are in italic):

Based on our research, we think the industry average for labour cost is 20% of sales.  Is this about accurate for a company of our size?

Best in Class is 12% and Mid-Level is 20%.

If 20% is accurate, then we have a high degree of wasted effort.  Specifically around the diecutter (6 people) and gluing operations (15 people).

Can you share any information on diecutter make ready times, typical downtime ranges, typical run speeds?

The level, depth, and quality of the DieRoom and PreMR Dept’s work have such a profound performance impact, it is nearly impossible to give you numbers here without seeing the operations first hand.

Can you share any information on gluers:

  • Make ready times for the different styles – St Line 25-45 mins./Auto Btm 45-75mins./ 4c-150-250 mins./ 6c 200-300 mins. (on your equipment)
  • # of packers

( at belt FPM below) Assumes:Operator is Feeding and 1 Catcher/Packer.

  • Typical machine speeds if manually packing

St Line – 500 fpm / Auto Bottom -350 fpm  / 4 c – 250 fpm  / 6c -200 fpm (your equipment)

Any other statistics you think would be helpful, like waste numbers, or maintenance costs, or how you would measure productivity at the key machine centers.

Here are a few Signature Gluer OEM Supplied, manual set up saving documents for your review as well as a weekly/monthly Scorecard Data example for your Ops Team.




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